Update V4.3.08_dev

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### Version 4.3.08_dev
* Add ABL or MBL leveling fade height M320 Z (ABL) or M420 Z (MBL)
* Add RGB LED M150: Set Status LED Color – Use R-U-B for R-G-B
* Add Case Light M355 S P
* Add M995 X Y Z set origin for graphic in NEXTION
* Add M996 S scale graphic in NEXTION
* Add Autocalibration 7 points for DELTA (Similar RepRapFirmware)

### Version 4.3.07_dev
* Add ENSURE_SMOOTH_MOVES – Enable this option to prevent the machine from stuttering when printing multiple short segments.
* Add USE_BIG_EDIT_FONT – A bigger font is available for edit items in graphical displays. Costs 3120 bytes of PROGMEM.
* Add USE_SMALL_INFOFONT – A smaller font may be used on the Info Screen in graphical displays. Costs 2300 bytes of PROGMEM.
* Add Waveform temperature for Nextion.
* Add option for refresh Nextion
* Add option for name firmware file Nextion

### Version 4.3.06_dev
* Add Auto report temp width M155
* Add new capabilities string width M115
* Add M155 Set temperature auto-report interval
* Add M320 Activate autolevel
* Add M321 Deactivate autoleveling
* Add M322 Reset auto leveling matrix
* Change M11 in M530
* Add M530 Enables explicit printing mode (S1) or disables it (S0). L can set layer count
* Add M531 Define filename being printed
* Add M532 update current print state progress (X=0..100) and layer L

### Version 4.3.05_dev
* Add register in EEPROM Bilinear Bed Level
* Add M355 Turn case lights on/off
* Fix Error width 8bit and 2 or more Hotends
* Upgrade Nextion width Filament Change
* New Fix

### Version 4.3.04_dev
* Fix Code
* Fix JERK
* Fix Save Stop Restart
* Update Nextion Graphic made Mr. Goblins
* Add M43 Pins test and debugs

### Version 4.3.03_dev
* Clear Code
* ABL revision (ABL 3 point, ABL Linear, ABL Bilinear)

### Version 4.3.02_dev
* Clear code
* Add Fast inverse sqrt from Quake III Arena see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_inverse_square_root

### Version 4.3.01_dev
* Add Nozzle Clean Feature
* Add Nozzle Park Feature

### Version 4.3.0_dev
* New MK4duo, only version for Arduino and Arduino due

### Versin 4.2.9
* Last version for only 32 bit

### Version 4.2.89
* Fix and clear code
* Add X dual motor
* Add custom bootscreen

### Version 4.2.88
* Fix and clear code
* Rewrite communication

### Version 4.2.87
* Fix and clear code

### Version 4.2.86
* Fix Type probe
* Add MKR6 system
* Fix and clear code

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